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Tea and coffee supplier

About Oxalis

In a steadily-growing European speciality tea and coffee market, Oxalis is proud to be recognised and respected as a major importer, blender, wholesaler and exporter of the finest teas and speciality coffees. In addition, Oxalis sells plantation cocoa, chocolate and an impressive range of related accessories, most of which are custom-made designs.

We constantly strive to innovate and create new beverages to meet consumer expectations and changing tastes. Our wide range covers everyday, traditional and speciality teas, as well as fruit and herbal infusions that are sure to delight the taste buds.

Moreover, Oxalis is a producer of speciality coffee, prized by consumers for its unique quality, specific taste and excellent character. In fact, we have become one of the greatest coffee roasters on the home market. True connoisseurs can revel in the micro-lots of coffee we supply – sought-after beans from world-class growers.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, including those unique to us with the Oxalis Design logo, a great selection of gift packs is available, and the possibility exists for creating customised ones to order.

Tea and coffee wholesale

Direct import and original blends

We import loose tea and green coffee directly from premier tea and coffee gardens across the globe. By doing so, our customers are certain to benefit from the finest quality at the most favourable prices.

Our headquarters features a research laboratory, where innovative mixtures and flavoured blends are created. Only natural and nature-identical flavourings are utilised, which are sourced from the world’s foremost producers.

Oxalis produces more than 400 types of fine loose tea, both pure and flavoured. Furthermore, we sell over 20 varieties of 100% pure Arabica speciality coffee, and the same number of flavoured coffees.

Over 20 years in business

Oxalis was set up in 1993 as an importer of loose leaf tea to the Czech Republic. Coffee became part of the company's portfolio a few years later. Thanks to our professional approach and the quality of the products, we have become the market leader in the Czech Republic in loose tea and coffee.

So far we have opened a total of 26 retail units in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Beyond that there are 17 franchise outlets. Furthermore, our products are sold to more than 800 regular customers, including retail chains and shops, internet shops, health food shops and tea rooms. On average, we sell more than 300 tons of tea and 60 tons of coffee per year.

Trading worldwide

Oxalis has been expanding its activities ever further afield. Presently, export represents 20% of the company’s annual turnover, a figure that is consistently on the rise. Our products can be enjoyed all over Europe, Russia and Ukraine. We also export to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Singapore.

Company portfolio

Date of inception 29th July 1993
Range of products loose leaf tea, speciality coffee, cocoa, related accessories
Number of employees 101
Quality guaranteed ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, HACCP, ORGANIC foodstuff, regular tea and coffee analysis and testing