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We take care to ensure that our products were property tested. Quality, no detriment to health and food safety are a guarantee of our success. Our certificates guarantee a constant quality that we can rely on.

Laboratory Inspection of Loose Teas and Coffees

All expert investigation and testing for our company is handled by the MVDr. Jan Šotola Food Investigation Laboratory, registered office in Kroměříž, and the Metrological and Testing Laboratory of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. These companies are registered with the Czech Accreditation Institute and comply with EN ISO/IEC 17025 and ČSN ISO 9001, in accordance with EU standards.

Testing of Health Safety of Materials and Products

All assessment of materials in contact with drinking water and in contact with food and drink for our company is handled by an accredited company, Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s., registered office in Zlín. A great advantage of the ITC is its ability to provide complete testing services for a wide range of products.

HACCP Critical Points System

Over and above the framework of legislation, we have introduced and undergone HACCP certification in accordance with the Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 2 dated 2010. We took HACCP system certification to prove the systematic ensurance of the health safety of our products not only based on the requirements of European legislation, but also in accordance with the more demanding requirements of the certification scheme.

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009

The certificate we obtained again challenges us to improve quality management and is a credit to us in our customers’ eyes. We guarantee the increased quality of services provided by accepting the main principles of a quality management system under ISO 9001. We see the benefits of this system as being much better coordination of the company’s management, starting with the receipt of input materials and ingredients, through their processing and sale to the final customer.

BIO Food and Drink

All supervision of compliance with strict production processes and records in the company is provided by authorised inspectors from KEZ, o. p. s. All bio products are properly certified by this company.

P3-Total Hygiene Management

A hygiene plan and programme for our company was drafted by Ecolab. All hygiene in the company complies with strict hygiene standards for the whole production and storage process.

Environmental Protection

We work with an authorised company for waste disposal EKO-KOM a.s., which handles recovery of packaging and re-use of packaging waste for us.