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Since 2013 OXALIS has been one of the largest Czech coffee roasters. Following excellent experience with the previous Loring Smart roaster, Merlin version, it opted for a higher-performance model, the Kestrel, which is able to roast up to 35kg of green coffee in one batch. Not only does the roaster work well in technological terms, it is also environmentally-friendly.

Thanks to the patented Flavor-Lock Roast Process technology, the roasting requires less energy and is therefore cheaper and more environmentally-friendly. The OXALIS roasting plant wants to create excellent fresh coffee with what is for us a unique roasting profile and taste, and subsequently elevate the culture of drinking fine coffee in the Czech Republic.


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Production Technology

Compared to ordinary roasters, a Loring Smart only contains one burner, which serves both to provide hot air for roasting the coffee and the subsequent burning of the smoke and smells from the roasting. Through a cyclone located over the burner, the combustion products are pushed into this space and the vast majority of the solid particles are combusted. The cyclone also serves to separate the skins from the stream of waste gas into a collection container.

During this activity it also recirculates a significant part of the air, which dramatically reduces the need to heat additional air. One burner and two heating zones reduce fuel costs by up to 80% in comparison with ordinary roasters, the roasting is smoke-free and greenhouse gas emissions are therefore up to 80% lower for each roasting.

The latest roasting technology consists of the removal of oxygen from the roasting environment, which minimises its presence during roasting. Together with increased humidity, it helps lock in the flavour of the beans, which is further helped by rapid cooling after the coffee is poured out of the roasting chamber. This means that inertia will not keep roasting the coffee. The roasting process takes place in a closed system without a way in for air, so changes to the weather and staff do not have an effect on the resulting flavour of the coffee.

The roaster has intelligent control mechanisms thanks to which the quality of roasting is the same in each batch. A roaster includes an automatic control unit with a touchscreen display showing detailed information about roasting at intervals of 6 seconds, which, after assessment, can be used to set the optimum roasting profile, through which we repeatedly achieve a consistent roast.

It is even possible to control the roaster remotely from a device connected to the internet, for example a laptop or telephone, it is possible to download roasting profiles onto a computer or other device, and also to share roasting profiles or obtain the latest software updates from the manufacturer. The latest technology therefore helps roasters have the whole roasting process completely under control.

The burner performance and air flow indicator serves for the actual control of the roasting, and the operator can use it to immediately respond to everything that happens during a roast. An adjustment may be required due to information that can be gained from the appearance of a bean removed during roasting. There is space for originality, which a skilled roaster can give the process, for example at the wishes of a customer. It is a very flexible system that enables the creation of various roasting profiles.


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