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What types of teas are there?

You already have your favourite ones, but do you want to try a new one? The classic types of tea include black, green and white. All these teas come from the tea plant. The main difference is in the time they are harvested and, naturally, in their preparation. Have you taken a liking to fruit teas? They are on the list of teas, although some critics certainly don’t regard them as real teas.



The Magic of Exotic Teas – Teas that Aren’t Teas

Do you want to do something for your health? Try an exotic rooibos or honeybush tea. These two teas are characterised by their natural sweet taste. They are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Both teas can be incorporated in a healthy lifestyle and their effects set each other off brilliantly.

And what about a yellow or semi-green oolong tea? If you enjoy a white or yellow tea, you won’t go wrong with these types. One symbol of the new millenium is blooming teas, which will enchant you not only with their taste, but also their original appearance. We cannot forget lapacho and mate, teas of ancient tribes or the marked taste and aroma of pu-erh and Ayurvedic tea.