The majority of sources state that cultivation of coffee began in 575 in the Yemen. A coffee trading centre emerged in the Arabian port town of Mocha, a centre which was of great importance right up until the 15th century when coffee cultivation was already widespread. Despite efforts by the Arabs to maintain a monopoly on cultivation of coffee, it started to spread throughout the whole of the world. It thus gradually started to be cultivated in Sri Lanka, Java, on the island of Sumatra and also in the region of South and Central America. Among other locations, plantations were established in Guyana, Cuba and Jamaica, where the foundations of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain variety were laid in 1730. At the end of the 19th century, cultivation of coffee was also commenced in its native country – on the continent of Africa, this being thanks to British colonists who for example established coffee plantations in Kenya and Uganda. The first coffee plants also started to grow in the Australian state of Queensland in 1896.

Espresso, as we know it today, emerged somewhat later – at the start of the 20th century.

Luigi Bezzera built the first espresso machine in 1901. Coffee culture based on the espresso took firm root on the Apennine Peninsula and gradually spread to other countries. Espresso is not however a synonym for coffee. Other cheaper and simpler methods of preparing coffee emerged at the same time as this. This is to say that coffee can be prepared using several alternative methods, the result of which is often a more complex and refined taste profile than espresso.

Together with tea, coffee is nowadays one of the best known and most widespread drinks in the world. Up to 90% of the global adult population enjoys drinking it. Drinking coffee is a need and a ritual all in one. It is an opportunity to meet up, part of waking up in the morning or having a rest in the afternoon. Coffee is able to break down cultural and language barriers and has become a truly global phenomenon.

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