Why Work with Us

Ten reasons to work with us

1. We are a genuine Czech company with a 21-year history. Our own retail network comprises 26 outlets, we work with 20 franchising units and export to 38 countries around the world. The number of wholesale customers on the domestic market has exceeded a thousand.

2. Our range of loose tea, select coffee, tea and coffee accessories is the widest on the Czech market – it includes over 1,500 items. In terms of turnover we are the number one in this segment on our home market. We have our own production and storage area with a total size of 5,700m2, which enables us to keep inventories at the right level.

3. We have developed a very successful system for selling from glass jars (tea) and glass containers (coffee).

4. We import the merchandise directly from producer countries, have our own laboratory, blend and aromatise teas and coffee to our own recipes. We are ready to produce tea and coffee blends to order. We roast coffee ourselves in a top-quality Kestrel blender, which is also the most environmentally-friendly device of its type in the world.

5. Our slogan is “the best of tea and coffee”. Quality is the top criteria when selecting merchandise, and with regard to our direct importing and own processing we also offer very competitive prices.

6. In the list of our accessories you can find a range of products with the “OXALIS design” brand that were developed in the Czech Republic and are unique in the world.

7. We promote the OXALIS brand universally – we publish the periodical Čajový list (Tea News), advertise in the national press and are constantly developing our internet presentation at www.oxalis.cz/en. We organise regular specialist seminars about tea and coffee.

8. We provide great quantity discounts and arrange free delivery to the destination in the event of a purchase over CZK 2,000 excluding VAT. In addition, we calculate the discount when merchandise is ordered at our e-shop, which is part of our website.

9. We guarantee delivery of merchandise within four business days of receiving an order.

10. We hold ISO quality management certification, apply a HACCP system for monitoring critical points, and are members of the PRO-BIO association of environmentally-friendly food and drink producers.